We all know it’s part of the human condition to resist change.Taking that first step is hard enough, not to mention the tough, nitty-gritty work of changing our habits! My role as a health and wellness coach is to get you on the path to wellness but it’s also to cheer you on as you make your way down that path.


While it can be invigorating to think about your life in a new way—listening more closely to your body, thinking about your health in a more holistic and strategic way—it can also be uncomfortable. Especially at the beginning.


It takes some practice to train yourself to become your best motivator.


What’s important to know is that the process of discovery is shared. Together we will zero in on the tools that are best suited to you and your goals. Together we will sustain and steer you on your journey toward health, happiness and becoming whole.

What do you as an individual need to reach your healthiest and happiest existence? What does your body respond to? I believe in bio-individuality, which means that the ingredients that create health and happiness in your life are unique to you. I offer comprehensive, individualized programs to help you identify and understand these ingredients and help you meet your ultimate health and wellness goal. We meet twice each month to review goals, challenges, specific actions and next steps. (You don’t have to be located in Central Florida either. Virtual meetings work just as well!) I also curate resources and information for you, and help you gain insight into your specific health history and struggles. We will tackle nutrition and fitness, but we will do this against a background—maybe less tangible but just as important!—of healing, self-care, balancing relationships, and learning to trust yourself.


Creating community is at the heart of my health and wellness coaching for groups.Relationships are one of our primary foods, and pursuing our goals as part of a group can provide extra energy, courage and strength for achieving them.Just like in my one-on-one programs, my focus is helping you find the path of healing and health that is your own. We often feel more empowered to make changes in our lives when surrounded by our peers. Plus, group coaching can provide a refreshing reminder that there is not just one recipe for health.


Achieving balance, eating healthy, meditating, bringing joy into your life—is it okay to talk about these things at work? Absolutely! To be successful at work, employees must be their best selves in all spheres of their lives. Do you as a business leader want to bring wellness into the workplace in a way that is useful, while also being sensitive to organization and employee needs? As a corporate wellness coach, I offer every thing from full-scale, comprehensive wellness programs to lunchtime workshops on topics like reducing stress. It is extremely customized for what you need. And as long as healthcare costs keep going up, it is so important to give your teams the tools they need to take a proactive approach to their health.


Imagine you live in a very small space and can remove only 20 percent of the trash you bring in.What would that space feel like after a week? A month? A year?This is exactly how your cells feel when they can’t release waste.Their capacity to absorb nutrients declines, along with your energy levels. A seasonal detox will improve your health, stabilize and increase your energy, and eliminate the waste that causes disease, weight gain, and cravings.I recommend a 7-day jump start cleanse to build momentum when kicking off a new health routine or reset after a vacation or holiday. For those who need more in-depth information about what foods are making you sick, tired or overweight, I recommend a 14 or 21-day cleanse program.


A pantry makeover is exactly what it sounds like! Sometimes the hardest part of making healthier food choices  is  knowing what actually good is for you. Fat-free, reduced sodium, whole  grain, with more calcium,  non-GMO. We hear all these labels and buzzwords, but what do they actually mean for YOU and your family? How can you tell if what’s advertised on the box represents what’s inside? Together we’ll take inventory of your snacks and meals and zero in on the ingredients that get you to your goal of feeling your best.


Are you aching to try more nutritious foods but feel overwhelmed by options at your local grocery?

The grocery store tour is designed for anyone who doubts their ability to choose healthy foods, and doesn’t have hours upon hours to research and comb through ingredients (which is all of us, let’s be honest!) As part of the tour, we’ll talk about how to navigate around processed foods, take a closer look at food labels, and learn to identify chemicals and toxins in our food. We’ll make grocery shopping fast, fun, and in your budget.