Shine Wellness was born out of my own health and wellness journey. It is my baby, and when I say baby, you know what I mean. I take absolute pride in its mission, have spent countless hours nurturing it’s development, and even wake up at night occasionally to listen to what it is telling me.


I believe that true health comes from more than just what is on your plate or the hours you’ve clocked at the gym.


There are so many facets that make up each of us. How could we ignore even one and think we’ve got it together?


So how did I get here?


After years of striving to be the quintessential good girl, checking off all those boxes that were drawn from everyone else’s expectations, I crashed and burned. I went to some of the best schools in the nation. For ten years I practiced law. I strove to be recognized as “smart” and “successful” when what I really wanted deep down was to feel worthy.
While I tried to make it all work, the universe had another plan for me. Years of emotional stress plus decades of trying to prove my worth to everyone but myself landed me in the worst health of my life. Constant illnesses, candida overgrowth, thyroid issues, migraine headaches, pain from bulging and degenerative discs in my neck and back, heart arrhythmias and vertigo. I saw specialist after specialist.


My treatment cascaded into a patchwork of medications, one to treat one problem, another to treat the side effects that arose from that, and so on down the line. It got to the point where my body didn’t even feel like my own.

I knew that I had to learn for myself how to heal myself. I had to find a better way.


Though I hesitate to share my personal story because I don’t want it to be my “forever” story, I want you to know, I have lived it, my dear souls!


I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, based in New York, and received my certification in Integrative Nutrition. The lecturers included so many of the biggest names in health and wellness, David Wolfe, Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Mark Hyman, Deepak Chopra, Ariana Huffington. Shine Wellness, my health and wellness coaching business, grew out of this experience and my desire to share what I had learned with others.I always believed I would go into a healing profession, but for decades I ignored what was most compelling to me. Let me tell you about being a lawyer: it is conflict after conflict after conflict. That’s simply how the law is oriented. One party has to be right, and one has to be wrong, and this created a lot of anxiety for me. I don’t believe life is like that, nor should it be. To be back in a healing profession, and one that takes account of, and embraces, the complexities and gray areas of our lives, has transformed my life. It is my own recipe for health and happiness.


As a health and wellness coach, I help you find the recipe that nurtures you. Your story doesn’t have to be your “forever” story any more than mine.


I hope you will share it with me so I can join you in bringing health into your life.

My Philosophy


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