Hidden Causes of Weight Gain - Defense and Control Issues

Uncategorized May 25, 2020

I am doing a series on the hidden causes of weight gain that aren't specifically focused on your nutrition and exercise regimen.  I have posted on IG some of the reasons, but found this one important to write about as well.

Did you know that fat cells protect you by literally forming a cushion between you and the world? It's like using bubble wrap to protect your delicate china! This is a useful defense mechanism when you are very sensitive, easily hurt, or feel bullied, verbally, physically or sexually abused, or unsafe. Another person's energy can affect you in a multitude of ways. It can leave you feeling vulnerable, drained, or off-balance. This can make you obsessive about staying in control and holding your own space. Food may feel like the only thing you can control.

Do you have a fear or distaste of intimacy or sex with your partner? Have you been sexually abused or assaulted? Becoming unattractive to a partner, or setting a physical barrier can be a way to maintain distance and autonomy when you feel helpless to prevent violation.
Perhaps you've had your heart broken and now are more distrustful in relationships. You've now created a physical wall as well as an emotional one to keep others at a distance. 

A ‘fat shield' is useful when you are unable to set healthy boundaries or speak up about what you want or need, or about what you don't want. 'Martyrs' are very loving gentle souls with an overly- developed sense of responsibility or duty. They want to nurture others and ensure everyone gets their needs met. But, it happens at their own expense.

Mothers, especially new moms, tend to fit this category. You need to hold your loving energy without losing your balance and becoming over- nurturing or a rescuer.

Are you reluctant to speak up and say what you need or want? Holding energy back in your throat area may result in thyroid malfunction (metabolic and hormonal imbalance) or other health issues such as Lupus and autoimmune diseases. You may also begin to use food as a substitute for not getting your own emotional needs met.

A physical 'fat barrier' can can result from negative self image or lack or personal empowerment. A physical barrier becomes a shield to hold people at a distance, or a way to punish or castigate yourself, or even a way to prove that you are unlovable. You might set up a physical fat barrier against control or dominance by a parent, boss, partner or friend.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, this might be contributing to why you are struggling to lose weight.  If so, find someone that can support you through making changes and peace in these areas and you may find your weight loss journey looks different than ever before.


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