My Philosophy

What do I think it takes to live a whole, healthy, happy life?”


When you think about it, our healthcare system does little to keep us healthy. How it works is we present symptoms and doctors are taught to treat those symptoms. Doctors don’t have the time (and, in some cases, the desire) to get under the surface at the root of what is happening. We’ve all had the experience of interacting with our healthcare system and coming away baffled, feeling like we haven’t gained any tools to improve our health. The whole system is built around crisis response, not prevention.
I can tell you it takes a lot more than that to live a whole, healthy, happy life!


My mission as a wellness coach is to provide that additional layer of inquiry and understanding—one that is nuanced, complex, holistic, and forward-thinking!


I sometimes wonder if the most difficult life question is, where do I start? Even more so when the project you want to tackle is revamping your health. I am here to help create accountability. I am here to ease your journey into health.


Some clients come to me specifically for weight loss, while others are looking to improve their overall health and bring many spheres of life into alignment. My approach is a very holistic one. No matter what your ultimate health or wellness goal is, we never look just at what you eat, but at how all sectors of life integrate with the food that ends up on your plate.


I immerse myself in the latest research so that I can best help you. (Ten years as a practicing attorney turns anyone into a trained, tireless researcher.) I am methodical, thorough and invested in your success. If eventually you acquire the tools to maintain your health and achieve your goals so that you no longer need me, I’ve done my job!


Something you will hear me talk about is having a spiritual practice. I know that means different things to different people, and that’s how it should be. Really all I’m talking about is the idea that meaning exists in more than ourselves. To be healthy and happy, I wholeheartedly believe we must take time to sit and be with ourselves. That might mean praying, meditating, walking, journaling, finding a sunny spot to sit in. It’s up to you! When this piece of our lives is robust, it gives us strength, focus and sustenance, and it makes it so much easier for the other pieces to fall into place. That’s because nutrition comes from more than just what we eat. Healthy living is a project of the body, mind and spirit!

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