Our philosophy is a simple one – if you are unhappy or feel unfulfilled, something needs to change.

There is never a one-size-fits all method to helping others improve their wellbeing.  We are made unique for a reason, and that means what be effective for someone else might not work the same for you.  To that, one unbalanced area of your life is going to affect all other areas, no matter how hard you try for that not to be the case.  It is simply the natural cycle of life.
Shanna is here to help you identify and process through the challenges you are facing in your day to day life.  It could be something as simple as practicing gratitude daily for where you are and how far you have already come.  Or it could be something more in depth, complex or long standing that needs more subconscious work and rewiring.  Either way, together, we will get you where you want to be.


Gain control of your future, now.

Waiting to address your personal wellness goals can manifest into anxiety, lowered self-worth, stress and even long term illness.

Subconscious Recoding

Pricing per session

20 min intake call to clarify and organize issue(s) to be addressed in session

2-2.5 hour RTT hypnotherapy session in person or Zoom

Personalized 20 min meditation specific to your issue to be listened to over 21 days

Ongoing email support during the 21 day period for questions or guidance

30 minute wrap up call at end of 21 day period for final integration of work done together and support/guidance for future endeavors

**May recommend additional
sessions based on clients' goals.


Emotional Eating Intensive

6 Week Intensive

Get in touch with your emotions.

Learn your body's specific needs.

Reprogram your beliefs.

Subconscious Recoding Session
(2 hr, Week 2)

Five 1 Hour Coaching Calls

Personal access to Shanna
during the 6 week process.


Single 1:1 Coaching

Price Per Session

Initial 30 minute conversation

1 hour coaching session specific to your individual goal.

Take-home exercises and handouts with podcast, book & video recommendations.

3 or 6 Session Packages Available



Please forward all inquiries (hellos, press, interviews, etc.) to [email protected].

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