We all know it’s part of the human condition to resist change. Taking that first step is hard enough, not to mention the tough, nitty-gritty work of changing our habits!


Where do I fit in?


My role as a health and wellness coach is to get you on the path to wellness but it’s also to cheer you on as you make your way down that path. While it can be invigorating to think about your life in a new way—listening more closely to your body, thinking about your health in a more holistic and strategic way—it can also be uncomfortable. Especially at the beginning.


It takes some practice to train yourself to become your best motivator.


What’s important to know is that the process of discovery is shared. Together we will zero in on the tools that are best suited to you and your goals. Together we will sustain and steer you on your journey toward health, happiness and becoming whole.


Does a healthy, happy existence
seem out of reach? It’s not! Get there
with my individual coaching

Group Coaching

Looking for inspiration and accountability?
Join a coaching community and feel
empowered to find your own path to healing and health.

Corporate Wellness

How can you create a work culture of health and happiness? Bring wellness into the workplace and give your employees the tools they need to be their best selves.

Seasonal Detoxes

Dump the waste that’s slowing you down and causing disease, weight gain and cravings. Get back on track to wellness with a 7, 14, or 21-day detox program.

Pantry Makeover

Behind every healthy eating routine is a well-stocked pantry. Let’s make sure you have
what it takes to eat fast, fresh meals and healthy snacks.

Grocery Store Tour

Grocery shopping should be fast, fun,
and in your budget. Gain the
knowledge and confidence to shop smart and healthy.

My Philosophy



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